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Not only are fleas a nuisance to you and your pet, they are also a health risk.  Fleas cause excessive itching witch can lead to skin sores, they can lead to tapeworms, and they have also been know to cause pets to become anemic.  No pet is safe from fleas unless they have flea prevention on them.  Yes, even indoor house cats can get fleas.  We can carry fleas into our home, they can also get in open doors, windows and they fit through screens.  Once you have fleas in you home, they will not not go away on their own. Here at Minster Veterinary Service we recommend using flea foggers, followed up by an area spray to reach any area the foggers may miss.  You also need to use a flea prevention, Frontline is the product we recommend, on all of your pets.  There is an injection available for cats that you would get you cat in the spring.  Call the office in April or May to set that up.

There are a number of ways to check your pet and home for fleas.  One fast and easy way is to come your pet with a flea comb.  The comb will pick up flea dirt ( black specs) , and live fleas. Another quick way is to bathe your pet.  If you notice the water has a red tint that is an indication of fleas.  The feed on the blood on the pets so when you wash the feces off of the pet it turns the water red.  If your pet has fleas, your home has fleas.  There are ways to check if you want to.  One thing you can do is to stomp around your home in white sock.  Fleas are attracted to the white socks and if you stomp the vibrations cause the pupae to hatch.  You may also choose to set out small bowls of soupy water over night.  The fleas will jump into the bowls. The adult fleas that you see only make up 10% of the entire flea population.  The eggs, larvae and pupae make up 95% of the flea population. Flea population

Once you have confirmed you have fleas it is time to get rid of them.   You will need to take care of the environment.  You can choose to have an exterminator come out or you can do it yourself.  If you have an exterminator be sure they guarantee the work they do.  If you choose to fog your self be sure that the fogger will kill adult fleas, eggs and larvae.  There is currently nothing available that will kill the pupae stage.  Once you have fogged, follow up with an area spray under couches and beds, in your closets and anyplace you feel the fogger may have not reaches.  Flea will even lay eggs between tile and hardwood floors.  Once the house is taken care of bath your pet(s) with a flea shampoo then follow up with a flea prevention. Keep in mind that severe flea problems may take 3-4 months to see results and you may need to fog your home again.

If you would have questions about fleas please give us a call. You can click on the following links for more information.



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